April 4 - 6:  Granville Island in Vancouver

Being pretty much blitzed by the close of Easter Day's Holy Eucharist, I took my first vacation day since coming to St. Bartholomew's, which I tacked onto my day off (Monday).  I even got a head start by loading the family and dog into the car and heading to Vancouver, BC, Sunday afternoon.

When we arrived at the hotel, however, I had to get right to work on a book review that was due the following evening.  After conking out for a few hours, the work resumed until shortly before I left for class while the others went shopping, sightseeing and hiked around a lake on Grouse Mountain

Late that night and all day Tuesday, we did our best to eat a bit of everything we'd denied ourselves since February 17 (Ash Wednesday).  Following up on a tip from my professor, Lee's Donuts (honey-dipped!) was a particular highlight whilst at the Granville Island Public Market.  Here's a few shots from the market:


Food/ Restaurant Court in the Granville Island Public Market where we enjoyed some yummy Indian food.


January through April:  Vancouver 2010

Fisherman's Wharf on the southern edge of downtown Vancouver

I've been terribly busy since Christmas at the church as well as spending my one, so-called "day off" each week driving to & from Regent College in Vancouver, BC, for evening classes, not getting home until very late at night... or more accurately, quite early the following morning.  Then there's all the required reading and writing, which -- on top of work weeks that have ranged as high as 65-70 hours (then there was Holy Week!) -- has been rather exhausting at times.

The lectures, however, have been enjoyable and even edifying.  Moreover, I've been able to set aside a little extra time -- mostly with the rest of the family in tow on a couple occasions -- to enjoy the city for a few hours, shop at a favorite CD store or two, and take a few photographs.

Having taken a number of graduate studies classes there whilst "living" in two different RV parks, in addition to visiting with the family on several other occasions, Vancouver has become almost like a second home;  we know our way around pretty well.  It's a beautiful city with the setting of the Cascade range meeting the Pacific Ocean pretty much incomparable (though Seattle's position on the Puget Sound between the Cascades and Olympic Mountains is similarly stunning).

With the semester drawing to a close, I thought you'd enjoy these recent shots, some of which were taken during the 2010 Winter Olympics:

Vanouver Harbour on the northern edge of downtown and Harbour Air's seaplanes, which fly passengers to surrounding islands and otherwise inaccessible areas;  North Vancouver is seen across the water.

The Olympics Cauldron, before and after being lighted

My very own "Gold," "Silver" & "Bronze" medal winners at Robson Square

Ice skating rink at Robson Square, site of many Winter Olympics-related activities