The Rev. Fr. Robert T. Davis has been Rector (or Pastor) of St. Bartholomew's Church, Woodinville, WA, since the Fall of 2009.  He was ordained to the Diaconate on January 25, 2003, by The Most Rev. Robert Sherwood Morse at St. Peter's Pro-Cathedral in Oakland, CA, and to the Sacred Priesthood on April 4, 2003, by The Most Rev. James Eugene Provence at St. Luke's Church, Redding, CA, where he had previously served as a Deacon.  He also currently serves as the Director of the Diocesan Summer Youth Retreat.

Photograph by Martin Brown   

Father Davis has studied graduate-level theology at Oxford University under J.I. Packer, Alister McGrath, Valentine Cunningham and Peter Walker, and at Regent College (an affiliate college of the University of British Columbia) under the likes of Iain Provan, C. Stephen Evans and John Stackhouse, in addition to St. Joseph of Arimathea Anglican Theological College in Berkeley, CA, where he trained for the priesthood.  Whilst there, he was a founding member of St. Joseph's Compline Choir.  He has participated in conferences in Great Britain and Canada on Biblical Leadership, the Church Fathers, Creation & New Creation, World Anglicanism and Homiletics led by Eugene Peterson, Sister Benedicta Ward, N.T. Wright, Dr. Packer and Herbert O'Driscoll.  He is a member of the Fellowship of St. Alban & St. Sergius.

Sunday morning at St. Luke's (photograph by Martin Brown)

Before being called to Woodinville, Father Davis was for a short while Vicar, then Rector at St. Luke's Church in Redding, CA, for more than six years, a position he held longer than had any other priest in parish's twenty-seven year history. He inherited a church whose membership had been significantly diminished and which was seriously in debt with facilities that were dangerous and in need of extensive repairs. By the time he left, membership was at its highest level ever (with a majority of members having arrived during his time there), all attendance records had been broken, and the parish that was slated for closure within months of his arrival had been restructured and left with substantial cash reserves.

During the same time, many repairs and upgrades had been made to the facilities including new:  HVAC system; radiant barrier boards and insulation; forty-year roof; interior/ exterior re-painting; digital signal processing, amplication and speakers for the organ; A/V system in the Parish Hall; electrical wiring; cry room; trees planted; street-front signage; Hymnals, Prayer Books, Vessels, Vestments and Chancel/ Altar appointments, in addition to the near-completion of several years of preparation to redevelop and expand the church property/ improvements including a new church worship facility, offices and classrooms as well as new & improved parking, landscaping, drainage and lighting... with most of the funding is already in place.

St. Luke's Site Plan as approved by the City of Redding's Planning Services

While he was in Redding, St. Luke's actively assisted the work of the local Rescue Mission, Northern Valley Catholic Social Services and CareNet Pregnancy Center, provided Thanksgiving meals for needy families of the local elementary school, and was a member of FaithWorks' (St.) Francis Court initiative, adopting client families and furnishing apartments.  At the same time, St. Luke's especially reached out to the local homeschooling community by hosting weekly children's art classes and history day events, in addition to a weekly basketball class led by Father Davis.  The parish also hosted the first troop of the Frontier Girls.

All that was accomplished in the life of the parish during his years in Redding emanated from revitalized worship (a Sung Eucharist) with plenty of joyous ceremonial, an emphasis on the Sacraments of the Church and Biblically-orthodox, pastoral-based preaching.  The St. Luke's Choir was resurrected for High Feasts under the leadership of its former director.  New liturgical services were added (such as during Holy Week), as were events such as the All Hallows' Eve celebration, which grew with each successive year, and the midweek Rector's Forum, which finally over the last couple years of his time there fulfilled Father's vision of what such a time could be.

All Hallows Eve with Father Davis and some of the children in attendance

On the ecumenical front, the parish enjoyed a particularly fruitful relationship with the neighboring Roman Catholic parish church.  Father Davis led annual, heavily-attended, joint Stations of the Cross services at Our Lady of Mercy Church while their Parochial Vicar served as a Sunday morning guest preacher and led a children's Church History class at St. Luke's.  The Roman Catholic Diocese of Sacramento responded by licensing Father Davis to conduct services throughout their diocese.

Fathers Robert Davis (Anglican) and Avram Brown (Roman) resume the dialogue of
the Seventeenth Century's Lancelot Andrewes & Robert Bellarmine

He lectured on Sacramental Theology at Simpson University and on the development of the English Language at Redding's Adventist Academy.

Father completed clinical pastoral training and served as an on-call chaplain at Shasta Regional Medical Center, chaplain to the Haven Humane Society and as a religion columnist for Redding's Record-Searchlight newspaper where he occasionally wrote on spiritual matters.